Wednesday started with Alison’s power supply failing. So it was decided to start the day with a trip downtown to get a new one. This suited me fine since I wanted to look for a high power battery for my Aspire One as well. The original battery doesn’t seem to last even 2 hours with Ubuntu.

After charging up the Oyster card Alison lent me, we set course for Shopping Hell (or Heaven depending on your point of view): Oxford Street. Luckily we weren’t shopping on the main street, but a bit up Tottenham Court Road instead. There are quite a few electronics shops up there of various sizes. I forgot to actually look for an Acer battery, but at least we got a decent PSU for Alison’s laptop.

From TCRd we went to a small rather hidden pub for an english lunch, Pie and Ale. Wonderful little pub with wonderfully low prices. £8 for a large meal and a pint is rather good.

The viewAfter letting the food sink in properly we decided to go to the hill in Regents Park for a good view across London. Which it surely was. From there we took the wrong exit from the park and ended up strolling in a circle through a posh area, before we got back to the canal. We walked along the canal through the London Zoo and up to Camden Town.

Cool guy on a wallCamden Town turned out to be more my kind of shopping heaven. Lots and lots of tiny stalls selling all manners of weird stuff. Gothwear, vintage stuff, anime wear, etc. As well as the seriously spaced out Cyberdog store. I could easily burn a lot of money up there.