GunThursday we decided to follow Kjella’s advice and went to the Imperial War Museum. Some interesting stuff to see there, in particular old WW1 and WW2 fighter planes. The exhibition on The Secret War, with spies and stuff was quite interesting as well. From there we moved on to the holocaust exhibition which was generally so depressing we decided to leave after that. Thus skipping the exhibition on crimes against humanity. I’m still quite amazed at what human beings are capable of doing to one another. Plane

TunnelIn the evening it was time for the first gig of the trip, a 4-band setup at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. I rather liked the venue, with a rather large stage room in the back and two bars up front. The bands were mostly disappointing though, so we ended up listening to a couple of tunes from each before going out to the main bar to wait for the next band to come on.

PS: As you can see, pictures are now up. Click an image to go to the Picasa web album for more.