FlowersOn monday I went out on my own again, since Alison had to work. I first set course for the Forbidden Planet again. This time they were open. Browsed through the store but found nothing that I wanted, so I left without getting anything. More money not spent.

Marble Arch gateSince the weather was lovely though, I decided to go to Hyde Park and just relax a little, and finally write some post cards. Really wished I had my roller blades with me there. The road through the middle of the park seemed wonderful for blading, and there were quite a few people doing so there. But this being London, the weather clouded over again, and sitting in the park soon became too cold. So I left by the Marble Arch gate in the north east of the park and went looking for a pint.

After having a pint at Tudor Rose I started wandering back to Leicester square to meet with Alison. This took some time, since I really like just wandering through the various small back alley streets just looking around. Finally ended up at the Bear and Staff just by Leicester square to wait for Alison. We stayed there for dinner as well, before taking an evening walk along the south bank of the river, stopping for another pint here and there.