The HTML Files

These texts are all in english. I also have some texts in scandinavian (mostly norwegian).
The texts here have been undergoing small changes to bring the HTML encoding up to decent standards. I encoded many of these files when I was learning HTML, and the code really made me somewhat ashamed today. :) At the same time, most of these files are flavored with Stylesheets to give a consistant look on my pages. This will not affect the non-stylesheets browsers much, but I advice all who can to try a stylesheeting browser if they haven't tried it yet. (I wonder if lynx will get CSS support?)

Not computer related texts
{e} Rules for cats who have a house to run
{e} 1994's most bizarre suicide
{e} The Drinkers Fault Finding Guide
{e} New chemical element discovered: Administratum
{e} World Religions, an overview.
{e} The Bricklayers Report
{e} How cold is it? A termometer....
{e} Politically Correct Santa
{e} Informer
{e} The Split Atom Blues (Bloom County)
{e} The Story of Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody
{e} The Star Trek Drinking Game
More or less computer related texts
{e} General Motors helpline
{e} RFC 4242: Proposal for Flavortext standard
{e} The last human being without Windows '95
{e} Drugdealers vs. Software developers
{e} Some hacker jargon.
{e} Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL
{e} Real Computer Scientists Don't Write Code
{e} Real Software Engineers Don't Read Dumps
{e} What driving to the store would be like if operating systems ran your car
{e} If Operating Systems Were Beers..
{e} Operating Systems and Women
{e} Abort, Retry, Ignore
{e} The Nine Types of Users
{e} Selecting a Programming Language Made Easy
{e} Counselors Top Ten Commandments
{e} Proper Care of Floppies
{e} The Hackers Tools
{e} The Lord of the Unix with: The Tolkien Ring Network.
{e} The ABC's of Unix
{e} Unix Songs
{e} Unix WARS
{e} Why the Internet is Like a Penis
{e} The Coffee Machine at the End of the User Area
{e} How To Program in C
{e} How to Freeze up the InterNet
{e} The Life of Unix
{e} The Worm before Christmas
{e} The Programmers Prayer
{e} Microsoft: The Next Generation disappeared from the original site, so I had to replace it with my backup.

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